Geforce GTX TITAN Black

Geforce GTX TITAN Black

NVIDIA (Freware)

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NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN Black Drivers Download for Windows and LinuxThe GeForce GTX TITAN Black is a masterpiece of engineering. Starting with the award-winning GTX TITAN, the Black edition adds 6 GB of frame buffer memory, magnificent efficiency, dual precision, and remarkable thermals and also acoustics. GTX TITAN Black is the best gaming GPU for a real gaming experience– the excellent equilibrium of smooth layout, uncompromising efficiency, as well as advanced innovations.

The Titan Black is the same Kepler GK110 GPU as in the GTX Titan, GTX 780, as well as GTX 780 Ti, yet right here, it is completely enabled as well as overclocked also. This implies it consists of 5 Graphics Processing Collections (GPCs), each with a full complement of 3 Streaming Multiprocessors (SMX) for an overall of 2,880 CUDA Cores, as well as it performs at 889MHz. The original Titan is missing out on one SMX, so it has only 2,688 CUDA Cores as well as performs at 826MHz. The GTX 780 Ti also has 15 SMX as well as 2,880 CUDA Cores but runs a little slower, at 876MHz, as well as has greatly lowered double-precision handling rate.

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Nvidia mentions the Titan Black will certainly have a single-precision efficiency of 5.1 TeraFlops and also a double-precision efficiency of 1.3 Tera Flops. This contrasts with 4.5 TeraFlops and also 1.3 TeraFlops for the GTX Titan and 5 TeraFlops as well as 210 GigaFlops for the GTX 780 Ti. Nvidia lowers the double-precision rate of its non-Titan cards in the motorist, making them perform at 1/8 of what they can.