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TP- LINK EAP120 Firmware Download Manual for Windows, Linux and Mac – TP-LINK EAP120 is TP-LINK’s first wireless access point device specifically designed to be placed in a wall-mounted position, can accommodate more users, and has a gigabit ethernet port that supports PoE features with 802.11af standards.

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EAP120 TP-LINK device is a wireless access point device that supports centralized management that makes it easy for network administrators. With this feature, we only need to configure one device that has a role as a master. Then all similar access point devices that act as slaves in the same cluster will automatically operate in accordance with the existing configuration on the primary device.

The availability of additional enterprise-class security features such as rogue AP that can identify wireless signals that are around and can then be used as material to evaluate the performance of wireless devices and minimize signal interference.


TP-Link EAP120 offers info manually, with the TP-Link EAP120 handbook you can easily read. As well as learn the system performance of the item TP-Link EAP120. The manual TP-Link EAP120 provides different types and a number of post titles for you to download.

On this occasion, the admin offers a little information concerning hands-on TP-Link EAP120. For more information, you are recommended to see the leading blog site TP-Link EAP120. In the leading blog site, there is a selection of activities. As well as grow information in addition to the most up to date upgrade from TP-Link EAP120 product.

How to Install TP-Link EAP120 Firmware or Driver

  1. Please validate the equipment variation of your device for the firmware variation. A wrong firmware upgrade may harm your device as well as void the guarantee.
  2. Do NOT switch off the power throughout the upgrade procedure, as it may create permanent damage to the product.
  3. To stay clear of wireless detach problems throughout the firmware upgrade process, it’s encouraged to send firmware with a wired link unless there is no LAN/Ethernet port on your TP-Link tool.
  4. It’s recommended that customers stop all Internet applications on the computer system, or disconnect the Internet line from the gadget before the upgrade.
  5. Usage decompression software application such as WinZip or WinRAR to extract the documents you download and install before the upgrade.
  6. Login to the TP-Link TL-SG108 router’s web management page.
  7. Click on System Tools-Firmware or Driver Upgrade (or Firmware); click Browse/Choose File to find the extracted firmware documents and click open.
  8. Click the Upgrade button. The device will undoubtedly reboot automatically after the upgrade has been ended up.
  9. Select Status, check if the router’s firmware has been upgraded
  10. Some firmware update will restore your router to manufacturing facility settings if this holds to run the Quick Setup Wizard to configure your TP-Link router.

No Drivers/Firmware/Manual for my Product

It’s perhaps this item does not exist in your nation and have limited access to this product. Also, no firmware upgrade to your product, please recheck your item codename go to the main page for info regarding your product is limited, or possibly TP-Link EAP120 item doesn’t have release item to your country.